6/21/18: Barker lab members Bradley Main, Olivia Winokur, and former member Jay Nicholson publish ‘Vector competence of Aedes aegyptiCulex tarsalis, and Culex quinquefasciatus from California for Zika virus’ in PLOS NTD along with members of Lark Coffey’s lab.

6/18/18: New paper ‘Detection of Arbovirus Transmission via Sugar Feeding in a Laboratory Setting’ posted in the Journal of Medical Entomology!

4/24/18: Christopher Barker is a co-author on ‘Spatiotemporal incidence of Zika and associated environmental drivers for the 2015-2016 epidemic in Colombia’ in Nature Scientific Data!

4/17/18: Diego Montecino and Christopher Barker’s paper ‘Overwintering of West Nile virus in a bird community with a communal crow roost’ is published in Nature Scientific Reports!

4/2/18: Entomology PhD student and Barker lab member Olivia Winokur receives NSF GRFP Fellowship- congrats Olivia!